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Slate Belt Regional Police Association Benefit Spaghetti Dinner

On Saturday, April 30th, the Slate Belt Regional Police Association held a spaghetti dinner to benefit the Association.
Desert Table

Officer Robert Long Commendation

On Thursday, October 15, 2015, Slate Belt Regional Police Officer Robert Long received a commendation for his efforts in creating and managing the Plainfield Township/Slate Belt Regional Police Department's Junior Police Academy. For 14 years, Officer Long and the Junior Police Academy have touched the lives of over 400+ of our community's young adults. We thank Officer Long for his tireless dedication to our youth and wish him continued success in his efforts for years to come. Pictured: Slate Belt Regional Police Chief David Mettin and Officer Robert Long Photo courtesy of Michael Ortoski, Owner/President, Blue Valley Times

Thank You Meeting

Thursday, October 15th, the Slate Belt Regional Police Commission held a meeting to thank those public officials who assisted in the formation of the Slate Belt Regional Police Department.

Flag Retirement Ceremony

The Boy Scouts of Wind Gap had a Flag Retirement Ceremony on Sunday where "well loved" American flags were respectfully burned. In attendance were State Representative Marcia Hahn, State Senator Mario Scavello, Wind Gap Council President Michael Nasatka and other dignitaries. SBRPD's Sgt. Arron Flad, Officer Shannon Young and Officer Jarad Steirer attended to show their support. Well done Wind Gap Boy Scouts.

Slate Belt Regional Police Kid Card Program

Slate Belt Regional Police Department provides child identification services during community events. The Kid Card provides the child's photo, fingerprint, description and parent/guardian contact information. For more information, or to have the Kid Card Program at your event, contact the Slate Belt Regional Police Headquarters.

Motor Vehicle Compliance Truck Inspections

The Slate Belt Regional Police Department conducts Carrier and Motor Safety Truck Inspections within our roadways on a consistent basis. If serious defects are discovered, the vehicle will be placed out-of-service and the repairs must be made before the vehicle can be driven again. If a vehicle that has been placed out-of-service is operated before the necessary repairs have been made, a penalty of $1,000 - $5,000 may be assessed. All non out-of-service violations must be repaired prior to the vehicle being re-dispatched. A driver in violation of some requirements regarding hours of service (such as not having a log book when required, or exceeding the driving time limitations) may be placed out-of-service and assessed a penalty. Additional penalties of up to $500 may be assessed for each hazardous materials violation. A Traffic Citation may be issued for some violations. The Slate Belt Regional Police Department is committed to keeping your roadways safe.

Slate Belt Regional's Junior Police Academy

The Slate Belt Regional Police Department conducts a Junior Police Academy ever summer for children 12-15 years of age. The Academy is designed to educate young adults on the different functions of police and emergency services. Check our CALENDAR page for future classes.

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